“Not All, Only a Few Return,” Agha Shahid Ali, read by Inam Hussain Mullick | Festival of Hope | Curated by Somrita Urni Ganguly

Versopolis, a platform of 30 European international poetry festivals, and the Versopolis Review aim to create a unique transnational opportunity, where hope can be reflected about, steered, demonstrated, poeticised, questioned and addressed. Contrary to Pandora’s box it will be an open feast of literary creativity in many forms, a laboratory and a showcase of the most innovative approaches of how literature festivals and other intellectual institutions and enterprises across the continents envisage our common and interdependent future and, with the vessels of literature and creativity, fight back against radical political, social, ecological  appropriation of the situation, no matter where one is situated. 

The festival will take place online and  simultaneously with numerous international partners and contributors, coming together at versopolis.com. The main programme will go online in a day-by day curated program from April 24th to April 30th with online events to follow.